Distant love by Ulrich Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim (2013, Cambridge, Polity press)

Márta Katalin Radó, Dóra Bari, Katalin Fehér, Bálint Duráczky, Gergely Horzsa


In the book of Distant Love Beck and Beck continue the work which was written in the Normal Chaos of Love by arguing that the classic family has begun to give away to the multiplicity of new type of families. Normal Chaos of Love has showed how single parent families and patchwork families have emerged due to successive marriage and divorce. Distant Love also focuses on new type of families, but it considers the global pictures by introducing the concept of world families. As Beck and Beck summarize it, the aim of the book is to “focus on the globalization of love”; however, it does not rely on own research or empirical results but illustrates its points with several examples taken from other studies.


family, distance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14267/cjssp.2016.01.09


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ISSN: 2062-087X

DOI: 10.14267/issn.2062-087X