Double dependent market economy and corporate social responsibility in Hungary

Dénes Bank


In the different varieties of capitalism (VoC) different types of corporate social responsibility (CSR) exist (Matten and Moon 2008). In order to identify what CSR is like in Hungary all the five institutions that are relevant for the variety of capitalism in this country are analyzed and a new concept is introduced named double-dependent market economy (DDME) by the author. This concept allows the further exploration of the general type of CSR in Hungary and answers the question whether it is similar to that of the European coordinated economies or of the liberal Anglo-Saxon market economies, or it is something completely different. The results of the quantitative and qualitative research show that CSR in Hungary has some patterns of the CSR types of both the liberal and coordinated economies but on the whole it is fundamentally different from those due to the dissimilar institutional setting of capitalism in this country.


corporate social responsibility (CSR), varieties of capitalism (VoC), double dependent market economy (DDME), implicit CSR, explicit CSR

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ISSN: 2062-087X

DOI: 10.14267/issn.2062-087X