“I would like to see that one is able to say I’m proud of being a citizen of the EU…” – the way Hungarian people see Europe and the European Union

Borbála Göncz


This paper explores the concepts of Europe, Europeanism and European Union, their meaning to Hungarians, how people define them and how they relate to these concepts through the analysis of qualitative in-depth interviews. The main question is whether the discourse, expressing attitudes towards Europe and the European Union, are of symbolic or utilitarian character. The symbolic way to relate to the EU is based on principles, an ideological or an emotional approach of the subject, while the pragmatic or utilitarian logic is based on rational cost-benefit analysis. The main argument of this current paper is that the way Hungarians tend to relate to the EU is rather utilitarian and it is the utilitarian logic that represents the relevant frame to understand people’s attitudes on the subject.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14267/cjssp.2012.01.05


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ISSN: 2062-087X

DOI: 10.14267/issn.2062-087X