„Do the unemployed want to work?” Employee ability and willingness of unemployed

Judit Csoba


Seeking ways out of unemployment in today's Europe the most accentuated argument support the "workfare" model. Among views backing the necessity of the new labour market model the incontestable argument can be detected in the background ever more often, namely the change from the "welfare" system giving social support for those losing touch to the "workfare" system guaranteeing resources in the ratio of work is necessary as unemployed do not want to work. The fact of vagrancy is emphasized generally by liberals and conservatives while social democrats argue that the number of voluntary unemployed is rather small in today's society with results of empiric analyses. In their opinion the problem is not the willingness to work but the insufficient number of jobs and disproportionate salary compared to performance. Therefore their answer goes like: unemployed can not (no job), are not able (qualification, health condition) to work or taking a job is not worth it as it leads to deficit (salaries failing to ensure living).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14267/cjssp.2010.02.05


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DOI: 10.14267/issn.2062-087X