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Paksi, Veronika
Paksi, Veronika, Junior Research Fellow at Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence; PhD candidate at Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)
Pálóczi, Bence, Corvinus University of Budapest. (Hungary)
Pandya, Juhi, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. (Hungary)
Pap, Viktória, Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary)
Papp, Gergő
Parfenova, Oksana, Senior Researcher. Sociological Institute, Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (Russian Federation)
Patkós, Veronika
Perhócs, Péter (Hungary)
Perpék, Éva
Pesic, Jelena
Pintér, Dániel Gergő, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for Computer Science and Control (MTA SZTAKI), Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Philosophy and History of Science (BME GTK FTT), Budapest Metropolitan University (Hungary)
Pitó, Klára, Corvinus University of Budapest
Poleti Ćosić, Dunja, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for Sociological Research (Serbia)
Pranic, Toni
Pustovrh, Toni, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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